Though it seems like a modern beauty fad that has taken on a life of its own, the fact is, that the desire for long, dark, lush lashes has been the wish of many women for centuries. Even ancient Greeks and Romans enhanced their eyes, by trying to elongate and plump the look of their eyelashes.

False eyelashes were first invented in 1916, for use in the film industry, making their initial appearance in the movie Intolerance; and Hollywood soon upped the demand for their starlets to adopt the doe-eyed look. And as Hollywood goes, the rest of the country soon follows. The desire for long eyelashes was fostered, creating a variety of beauty products that focused solely on lashes.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are a fairly new eye-enhancing product. Originating in Japan, they have become immensely popular since the new millinium began; but some find their application can be messy, the product can be expensive and removal can sometimes be inconvenient or painful. Therefore, women continue to look for solutions to what they perceive to be thin and whispy lashes. In fact, Google the query “how do I get longer lashes?” and almost three million results are given. This drive to open up and enhance the eyes through eyelash optimization is what helped spawned the creation of Latisse® .

Latisse® is the only treatment that has been FDA-approved for the purpose of growing eyelashes for those that have inadequate lashes. Because of its proven results and mild side effects, Latisse® has become quite popular, quickly becoming the leader in eyelash growth solutions. As an approved distributor of Lattise®, Skin MB Medical Spa in Nashville can help you move past the embarrassment and frustration of sparse lashes and feeling the confidence that comes from beautifully lush ones. Find out if Latisse® is right for you by calling Nashville’s Top-Rated Local® medical day spa at 615-891-2881.