Your eyebrows are just about the most expressive part of your face. They can give away your emotions, even when you’re trying to hide them. So, since everyone is looking at them anyway, why not give them the full glam treatment?

This is no passing trend. It is an advanced cosmetic technique for improving the look of thin or light brows. If your brows have thinned or faded as you’ve aged, you are not alone. It is just one of those things that nobody warned us would happen. Microshading finally provides a way to get that beautiful brow-line back.

Everything You Need To Know


Achieve A Natural Look

When people talk about microshading, they often call it eyebrow tattooing. That’s not really an accurate representation of the procedure, though. It is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that delivers incredibly natural-looking results. People may not even realize that you’ve had microshading done, but they will notice the beautiful results!

Microshading adds pigment to your skin in the form of tiny, extremely narrow lines that mimic a shape and style consistent with your natural brow line. While similar to a tattoo, the pigment does not go beyond the top layer of skin, so it fades after about 18 months.

Get To Know Your Practitioner

The key to getting the results you want is knowing what you want, and making sure the person you are working with knows what you want. While the microshading procedure itself doesn’t take very long at all, the results you’ll enjoy will last a long time.

Come In For A Consultation

The best way to know if microshading is right for you is to come in and learn more about it. Why wait? Schedule a consultation today. You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain!