Make Your Eyes Stand Out!

If you’ve ever seen “before and after” images of people who’ve had lash lift and tint services, you likely found the results incredible! A lash lift can transform your entire look, bringing out your eyes and creating a more youthful appearance. With a lash lift and tint, you will enjoy:

  • Longer, fuller eyelashes
  • More striking eyes
  • Beautiful contrast to your skin tone
  • A glamorous look
  • Great eyelashes even with no mascara

The benefits of a lash lift and tint over lash extensions are many. With a lift, you can rub your eyes without worry. Lift and tint services won’t hurt your natural eyelashes, and they provide a low-maintenance alternative that lasts longer (typically 6 to 8 weeks) and is more economical, too.

Our Lash Lift And Tint Services

At Skin MB, your day spa in Nashville, we offer professional lash lift and tint services that lengthen and color your own natural lashes for beautiful eyes and a gentle approach that protects your eyelashes, your eyes, and your skin.

With our lift service, you’ll enjoy long, luxurious lashes that will make you look like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine! Our technique will lengthen your natural lashes in just an hour or less, and the procedure is painless.

When you opt to tint your eyelashes, you can say goodbye to mascara since the dark, rich color will last day after day, saving you time and money by letting you skip a big step in your makeup routine.

What’s more, you can enjoy the assurance that your lash lift and tint will be done at a med spa that adheres to the best practices in the industry in a top-quality, hygienic, and sanitary facility.

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Ready to experience the Skin MB difference? Our spa is designed to give you a relaxing, rejuvenating experience while you’re with us and a fabulous look when you walk out the door.

Our lash lift and tint service is a great way to achieve a younger, fresher appearance and a more glamorous look from the moment you wake up. We also offer other great rejuvenating services, including relaxing facials and massage therapy sessions. Schedule your appointment with us today!