Our passion for providing you with real results means that we are highly selective of the products that we use. Because of this, we only trust MedSpa products from names that we have thoroughly researched, and who have become industry leaders for their innovation and effectiveness.

These Include:

Latisse Logo

Latisse has broken through the medical cosmetic industry as an innovative product that safely stimulates longer, thicker and darker eyelash growth, and is the only one of its kind that is FDA-approved to do so.

Obagi Logo

A product that has something for everyone, Obagi has been nurturing skin health for years, as it’s become one of the leaders for promoting healthy skin for all ages, skin types, and skin problems. From age spots to acne to freckles, “there’s an Obagi for everyone.”

NeoStrata Logo

Founded by two dermatologists who discovered the amazing benefits that Alpha Hydroxy Acids had on human skin, NeoStrata has earned awards and customers across the globe for its effective products and innovative standards.

Exuviance Logo

Clinically proven to smooth the texture of your skin by reducing wrinkles, increasing firmness and providing a more even, radiant skin tone, products by Exuviance have what you need to feel young again.

Avene Logo

Known for its hydrotherapy, Avene’s thermal spring has been cited for centuries as having profound medical effects for the skin’s health and beauty. With a history that extends back to 1736, it’s no wonder why this brand is a world favorite.

EltaMD Logo

Providing solutions in skin care for over 25 years, EltaMD has had a profound impact on the way we see wound healing, sunscreen, and overall skin care in general. Recommended by physicians particularly in burn units and rehab centers, EltaMD provides the level of quality you need.

NeoCutis Logo

Over a decade of producing, researching, and developing products which have shaped the skin car industry, NeoCutis is a bio-pharmaceutical company that provides a level of innovation in dermatology that few can hold a candle to.

Billion Dollar Brows Logo

Creating innovative solutions for your eyebrows, Billion Dollar Brows is the only company that is exclusively dedicated to your eyebrows. Whether you are looking to shape, darken, or just achieve a better brow, Billion Dollar Brows is the name for you.

Clarisonic Logo

Founded in 2001 by a team of some of the leading scientists and engineers in their fields, Clarisonic has been developing and manufacturing solutions that will transform your skin in innovative ways for years. From Sonic Cleansing Brushes to anti-aging solutions, Clarisonic is the industry standard for skin care.

The e-dermis line of skin-retexturing brighteners boosts and restores your skin’s youthful glow through the use of a unique combination of anti-oxidants and cell rejuvenating enhancers. Gentle enough to use everyday, our 3-C-A is appropriate for soothing and reviving both men and women’s facial skin.