When winter rolls around, your skin enters a challenging situation!

Winter weather is not only cold, it’s dry. It can also be very sunny at times, which ends up making your skin at risk of drying out and burning. In our last blog, we explored some important tips for keeping your skin healthy and supple all winter long. We discussed the value of a humidifier and the importance of reducing exfoliation and eating more foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Today, we have a few more tips for you!

Don’t linger too long in the bath or shower

We know it’s tempting to take long soaks when it’s cold outside. The problem is, if you spend a long time in a hot bath or shower, your skin loses the natural oils it so desperately needs. Keep the water temperature warm to lukewarm in order to give your skin some help this winter.

Moisturize immediately

After you wash your face or take a shower, your pores are open. Pat your face dry and apply moisturizer immediately. If you do this, your skin will get more benefit out of your moisturizer.

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