Treatments for Dry Skin

It seems as though the weather is becoming dryer and dryer, which spells bad news for your skin. Much of our skin’s natural exuberance is dependent on trapping in moisture. But, when the weather is dry, or we do not moisturize our skin regularly, our skin can dry out and cause lines and blemishes. In this blog, we will discuss a large range of ways to improve your skin and how to guarantee healthy-looking skin. Do not forget that just because you haven’t done these steps in the past, it is not too late. There are many resources at your disposal such as skin care products and skin care clinics, that can help restore your skin to a natural-looking glow. Particularly, if you are living in Nashville, TN, Skin MB is a great skin care clinic that will be able to rejuvenate your skin and teach you other proper skin-health techniques.

Moisturizing Your Skin

Artificial moisturizer is a must if you want to keep your skin looking young and healthy. It is not enough to just wash your face anymore, especially if you live in a dry climate. Daily moisturizer is essential to keep your skin looking healthy. It is important that you purchase a good-quality moisturizer, and use that product at least twice a day. It is not enough to just pour an inch-thick layer onto your face once a week. In order to maintain nice-looking skin, moisturizing your face much become a routine. Keep in mind, even if you moisturize every day, that doesn’t not necessarily guarantee that your skin won’t get blemishes or wrinkles. The skin will naturally age the way it wants, however, moisturizer has proven to help limit the depth of wrinkles and keep nutrients within your skin.
It is important that when you are moisturizing that you do so when your skin is damp. The whole point of moisturizing is to seal in the hydration of your skin. This means, after you have thoroughly washed your face, it is important to apply your moisturizer to keep in the moisture in your skin. You can obviously dab your face with a towel after washing your face, if you have too damp of face when you apply the moisturizer, the mixture will become soupy. Lightly dry your face and then moisturize. Today, the world of skin care has come a long way and has developed multiple skin care products to help lock down nutrients in your skin. Some skin brands have even developed multiple types of creams that are applied as second or even third layers of moisturizer!

Sunscreen Infused Products

Whether you spend all day in the sun or not, wearing sunscreen is essential to keeping up flawless skin. Sunscreen acts as both a protectant from the sun’s harmful rays, but also a super-hydrating cream. When you put sunscreen on your face, you are allowing your skin to soak up the hydration and yet, be protected from drying out in the sun. Sunscreen is not a very popular skin care method because it can often be greasy and uncomfortable. However, some skincare lines have infused sunscreen in a number of their products in order to help skin become healthy and better-looking.

Foods as Skin Treatments

Avocados: Yes, this delicious little fruit is not only incredibly good to eat, but it very hydrating for your skin. Typically, skin care products will infuse foods into their serums to utilize the natural nutrients. Avocado is commonly used in hair and skin care products in order to use its natural oils. If you would like to try a DIY skin care treatment, mash up a ripe avocado in a bowl. Add some honey and milk to the mixture, then apply it to your face. Let the recipe soak into your face and neck. After 10 minutes have passed, wash off the mixture.
Bananas: Bananas are full of nutrients that can be beneficial to your skin. Not only is it healthy for your skin, but the natural oils in the bananas can prove a very effective skin care product. Just like the avocado mask, you must first mash up the banana into a bowl. Once the banana is smashed, apply the mixture to your face and neck. After 10 minutes, wash this mask off with lukewarm water. If you would like the mixture to apply more effectively to your face, infusing the mashed banana with bits of honey will also be beneficial.

Drop Bad Habits

I am sure you have been told countless times how damaging smoking and drinking can be. But, when it comes to your skin, the effects are very apparent. Smoking naturally dehydrates your skin and creates deep lines in your face, especially around your lips and eyes. If you don’t want to horribly damage your skin, quitting your smoking habit would be the best way.
Just as smoking is toxic to your skin, so is over drinking. Now, a glass of wine every now and then isn’t bad. However, binge drinking or habitual drinking daily can be horribly damaging to the health of your skin, as well as your body. When you drink too much liquor, you decrease your body’s ability to absorb fluids, which means your body loses water, electrolytes, and valuable minerals. When there is a shortage of water in your system, your skin is automatically affected. The best way to maintain a healthy amount of fluids in your body and skin is to limit excess drinking and consume more amounts of fresh water.

Don’t Overwash

Cleanliness is very important, not just for your hygiene, but for your skin. Though washing your face is essential to healthy skin, overwashing can be damaging too. Make sure that when you are washing your hair you don’t allow your facial skin to be exposed to too much hot water. Over-washing can deplete the skin of its natural oils and cause dry skin.

Skin MB

Dry skin directly leads to poor skin. If you have a history of poor skin routines, one way you can help restore your skin is by scheduling an appointment at your local skin care clinic. Skin MB is here to help your skin by providing facials, skin peels, and dermaplaning services. If you are interested, contact us today!