1. Advantages of Medical Massage

    There are no shortage of specialties when it comes to the world of massage therapy, but if you have a specific condition or issue that needs to be resolved, your best bet is to work with a medical massage therapist. At Skin MB in Nashville, we specialize in a variety of medical massage techniques, a…Read More

  2. Eyebrow Microshading: Everything You Need To Know

    Through thick and thin, your eyebrows have always been a powerful feature of your overall aesthetic. Although we’re not all naturally blessed with the fierce feathery brows of Brooke Shields or the bold arches of Cara Delevingne, modern advances in eyebrow microshading have made these iconic looks…Read More

  3. Preparing for a Chemical Peel

    Offering quick skin rejuvenation without extensive downtime or recovery, chemical peels help remove or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars and sun damage. By stripping away the outer-most layer of skin, chemical peels are a cost-effective way to reveal younger more vibrant skin at almost any ag…Read More

  4. Do You Make These Common Skin Care Mistakes?

    People worry about age affecting their skin, but they forget that many other things can have a negative affect on their skin. In fact, skin care mistakes harm skin much more than age does! This might seem grim, but it's actually good news. It means we have much more control over the health of our sk…Read More

  5. 5 Places To Rejuvenate With Restylane

    More than ever, scientific advances in skin rejuvenation has made it possible to look better and to do so longer than ever. Restylane is one of those innovations, and it’s a hyaluronic acid filler that was developed as a filler to correct superficial lines, rebuild contours on the face, and plump…Read More

  6. Treat Your Skin Right This Winter! Part 1

    Winter starts in December, and cold weather is no joke. The months of January through about March can be very difficult for your skin. The good news is, there are things you can do to ensure that while everyone else's skin is drying out and suffering in the cold, yours is having the best season eve…Read More

  7. 5 Restylane Tips

    One of the most common things said in life is the sentence, “If only I had known.” At Skin MB, we’re all about rejuvenating our Nashville clients, but we think everyone should be well educated before having a treatment done. Restylane treatments are no different, and we believe that when our c…Read More

  8. Treat Your Skin Right This Winter! Part 2

    When winter rolls around, your skin enters a challenging situation! Winter weather is not only cold, it's dry. It can also be very sunny at times, which ends up making your skin at risk of drying out and burning. In our last blog, we explored some important tips for keeping your skin healthy and sup…Read More

  9. 5 More Restylane Tips

    Welcome back! Yesterday, we went over some tips regarding Restylane. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a filler used for facial rejuvenation by smoothing out lines and plumping out needed parts of the face like lips and cheeks. Restylane has become incredibly popular, but, like any other proc…Read More

  10. What Are The Different Facial Fillers?

    One of the most effective ways of fighting back against facial aging is through facial fillers. There are a number of different kinds of fillers, and they can be used for smoothing out and reducing lines and wrinkles, plumping lips or cheeks, and enhancing the overall appearance. But they’re not a…Read More