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Go ahead, you can admit it. There are few things more pleasurable than a good, deep massage. Having someone knead and manipulate your tired and overworked muscles is a treat that most of us look forward to. But did you know that you can actually get more out of your regular massage than just a healthy rub down? For the best therapeutic massage experience remember these helpful tips before your next appointment:

Before your massage:

  • Take a pre-appointment shower. A lengthy, warm shower does more than just allow you to feel confidently clean during your massage. It relaxes both the mind and body, letting you feel less tense and allowing the therapist to more easily work on those physical issues.
  • Save the massage for after the workout. Avoid feeling too rested and tired by getting your workout done and out of the way. You’ll be more apt to follow through with your daily gym session and less likely to injure yourself by being too tired to do so properly.
  • Avoid eating just before your appointment. Because massage can stimulate the digestive system, there are obvious reasons you may want to avoid a heavy meal just before your massage. Try to stick to a light meal at least two hours before your session. Don’t forego eating completely however as being hungry can leave you light-headed or bring on headaches during or after your massage.

During your session:

  • Breathe. That’s it, just remember to breathe; especially during those times when your massage therapist is working some of the more tender spots. Breathing allows your muscles to be fully oxygenated, letting them completely relax in the process.
  • Get comfortable. Many people feel a bit uneasy when it comes to lying fully naked on a table in front of a stranger. But few people have seen more bodies au natural than a certified massage therapist. Understand that your massage therapist is not judging you at any state of undress that you prefer but be aware that the less clothing is in the way, the better they can perform the massage.
  • Speak up. Letting your therapist know just what works for you, and what doesn’t, makes the session much more beneficial for you and enjoyable for the both of you. Let them know if the pressure is too much, you feel actual pain or if it’s feeling just right.

After your massage:

  • Rehydrate. After your session, try to get in as much water as possible in order to rehydrate and repair muscle tissue. Drinking at least 64 ounces also allows you to flush metabolic waste and toxins from your system.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks. Caffeine is famous for causing muscle tension. Skip having soda, tea or coffee and opt for water instead for a hydrating treat.
  • Treat the sore spots. Therapeutic massage can be more than a little stressful for overworked muscles. If you feel soreness after your massage make sure to treat the area by icing and stretching. Try not to overstimulate the area and take an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling or pressure in the area.

At Skin MB in Nashville, we offer appointment times outside of normal business hours so that you can get a massage that fits in with your schedule and your life, so contact us today and schedule yours.