A massage, a truly good massage, is amazing. We’re big fans, which is why one of our most popular services, along with skin fillers and laser treatments, is medical massage. But aside from feeling really, really good, are there any benefits that you’ll receive from a solid massage? The answer is, yes, without a doubt.

Read on to learn 5 essential health benefits massage can give you.

  1. Massage is a great way to loosen up muscles. Your muscles can tighten up if your posture isn’t so great, or if you’re under a good amount of stress. Plus, many of us know what it’s like to have a knot in our shoulder, back, and neck.
  2. Speaking of stress, massage is a perfect way to help reduce and remove tension. In today’s high-speed world, it can be difficult not to feel stressed about something. Tightness in your back and shoulders and headaches are both common symptoms. But when you’re able to truly relax, you’ll feel better, have more energy, and live longer.
  3. One of the most profound benefits of massage is how it helps to aid the healing process after surgery. Why? If pain is properly alleviated, and you’re able to fully relax, your body will heal itself much more efficiently.
  4. Ever heard of lymphatic massage? Essentially, it’s a style of massage that’s designed to positively stimulate your lymphatic system. Some of the benefits are the removal of toxins and other bodily wastes, improved metabolism, and the strengthening of your immune system.
  5. A study performed by the University of Illinois at Chicago found that regular massage can improve circulation and vascular functions. When your blood flow receives stimulation from massage, you’ll feel better.