People love massages, and it is not difficult to understand why. The various types of massage therapy provide innumerable benefits including relaxation, stress relief, and pain relief, depending on your needs. Accompanied by heat and aroma therapy, massages can be a relaxing and tranquil experience for all your senses. 

At Skin MB, we love to help our clients relax with a therapeutic or targeted massage. Our certified medical massage therapist is an expert at determining what you need, whether that is a relaxing hour to de-stress or a medical massage targeting pain relief and healing.   

What Makes a Medical Massage Different?

Many people think that the only factor to consider when scheduling a massage is time and cost. However, there are many ways that massage types can differ to truly suit your body and your needs. One of these options is a medical massage. This type of massage therapy is focused on pain relief, often targeting specific areas of the body, and can aid in healing. While relaxation is still a component of this type of massage, the massage therapist is primarily focused on the physiology of massage and facilitating pain relief. 

Where a wellness massage is meant to be therapeutic and relieve stress, a medical massage is more focused on providing physical relief from the pain caused by an injury or overuse. A medical massage is also tranquil, but the focus of this massage type is more problem solving. A medical massage focuses both on client satisfaction as well as measurable health results.  

Massage Services At Skin MB

At Skin MB, our certified medical massage therapist will work with you to design the perfect massage therapy plan to fit your needs, time, and budget. All of our massage therapy services include free heat and aroma therapy to maximize your relaxation. We offer therapeutic massages at 60 minutes or 90 minutes, and 30 minute targeted massages that allow the massage therapist to work on specific problem areas such as the lower back, neck, shoulders, and other areas of concern.

New clients at Skin MB start with a complimentary consultation so the massage therapist can better understand you and your pain or problem areas. Then, after each appointment, we will follow up with you to see how you’re feeling and determine what you might need moving forward. Especially with a medical massage, the goal is to continuously make progress with your pain relief and healing.  

Feel Results

The results that you feel after a massage at Skin MB will keep you coming back for more. These results include:


  • Mood Improvement – After a massage at Skin MB, you should feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The improvement to your mood and stress-level can help relieve tension in your tissues. 


  • Immediate Pain Relief – You will feel some relief from your pain, and may even experience soreness for 24-48 hours. One massage may not fix the long-term pain that you experience, but that is why our massage therapist works so closely with you to individualize your care.


  • On-Going Progress – If you require multiple massage sessions, our massage therapist will ensure that each session furthers your progress toward long-term pain relief. The massage therapist will answer all of your questions to ensure that you feel educated on the services you are receiving.

Schedule A Complimentary Consultation Today

If you have further questions about the massage therapy services offered at Skin MB in Nashville, do not hesitate to reach out! Our expert staff is happy to answer any remaining questions you may have. Schedule a complimentary consultation today, to begin discussing your path to pain and stress relief.