Save Money and Time With Microblading

To the Brooke Shields and Cara Delevingne’s of the world: your time has come. Big sexy eyebrows are in more than ever before. Instead of plucking eyebrow hairs or waxing off sections our brows to mere pencil-ish lines, society has now embraced big, bushy eyebrows. This is a relief for most, as this means that they won’t have to wax or pluck as much. In fact, the fad almost encourages no plucking, as natural eyebrow growth is becoming more accepted. However, though “natural is beautiful,” society has included some criteria to what is tolerated as beauty, such as having full eyebrows. If your eyebrows aren’t full and thick, then they aren’t completely done. For example, millions of women have adopted the art of drawing or filling their eyebrows so they look thicker. Pencils and gels have been created to make filling eyebrows easier, however, is it worth it?

In this blog, we will discuss the eyebrow industry and how you can benefit from a more permanent solution. Microblading is a safe and easy way to get semi-permanent eyebrows! This simple and painless procedure makes getting gorgeous eyebrows extremely reasonable.

The Eyebrow Industry

Eyebrow makeup has never been considered a primary cosmetic. In fact, in just the last decade, there has been a new focus on eyebrows. Only people who had no eyebrow hair would paint on their eyebrows. However, today, no matter your eyebrow hair volume, you will typically want to fill your brows. And, eyebrow makeup isn’t restricted to just one type of pencil. Because of the new emphasis on thick eyebrows, cosmetic manufacturers have developed new solutions to filling your eyebrows quickly and precisely. For example, the eyebrow industry has expanded from pencils to pomades, gels, and powders. Just the eyebrow cosmetic industry, alone, has amassed over $160 million dollars worldwide. According to the NPD Group, the eyebrow industry has risen by 32 percent over its previous monetary ranking, and has even surpassed other cosmetic categories, such as skin care and hair care.

How Much Do You Spend on Your Eyebrows?

It is hard to imagine that eyebrows would reach this sort of popularity. Why would eyebrows suddenly become this important in the cosmetic industry? Well, a simple way to put it is that trends change. One moment thin eyebrows can be in, and the next, the dark thick eyebrows of Audrey Hepburn are all the rage. The only issue with facilitating trends is that you are expected to purchase tweezers, waxing strips, eyebrow pencils, and anything else you need to keep up with the changing trends. But how much are you spending to keep up with societies trends?


Filling your eyebrows takes time, and more importantly, practice. Filling your eyebrows takes a perfect balance of shade and shape. If you draw on your eyebrow shape with too harsh of lines, your eyebrows will look like sharp marks on your face. However, at the time time, you will need your shape to be accentuated in order to achieve a gorgeous arching shape. The key to a good eyebrow shape is that it needs to look effortless and natural. But, because filling your eyebrows are anything but natural, this causes conflict. Sometimes women will stand over their sink for more than 15 minutes trying to perfect their eyebrow shape and color. Unfortunately, filling your eyebrows takes practice and many hours to fully perfect.


There is a lot of money pouring into the eyebrow industry. For one, millions and millions of women are spending money on pencils and gels applicators to correct and fill their eyebrow shape. When you realize that the average eyebrow tool costs roughly $20, it makes sense why the industry is presently lucrative.

Eyebrows are relatively easy to shop for products because their color does not change. But, though your eyebrow hair doesn’t change color, you will most likely change your mind on which type of eyebrow filler you will want to use. For instance, most people will start off with a simple eyebrow pencil. However, the issue with this type of filler is that the lines can tend to be too sharp and make your eyebrows look visibly drawn on. After the “pencil phase,” you might move onto the “gel phase.” Gel filler is great because it adheres to your eyebrows and keeps them in space throughout the day. Tinted gel is a great way to fill your eyebrows without having to do any real hard work.

The downside of gel filler is that because it is applied like a mascara, it is difficult to perfect the shape of your inner eyebrows. For example, if your eyebrows aren’t completely symmetrical, gel filler makes it impossible to make any defining shape adjustments.

Skin MB

Filling your eyebrows can be extremely stressful and expensive. Luckily, technology is catching up with the demand for flawless eyebrows. Microblading is a safe procedure that will give you semi-permanent eyebrows. Don’t worry about your eyebrows though! At Skin MB Medical Spa, we have eyebrow professionals that will be able to give you the shape you have always dreamed of. Don’t be dependent on your eyebrow makeup and get beautiful eyebrows!