The age of eyebrows is here. Today, there is a newfound obsession with eyebrows. As the eyebrows are one of the focal points on your face, it would make sense that you would want to make the best effort to make them even and filled. In fashion, eyebrows have always been an element that fluctuates with the times. For example, in the 1920s, thin eyebrows were seen as being the ‘it’ thing to wear. However, in the 2010s, a new wave of eyebrow fashion has swept the country. Today, the thicker the eyebrow, the better. This is an interesting development in cultural and eyebrow fashion, as thinner eyebrows have always been more favorable. Fashion icons have most likely been the cause of this shift in eyebrow trends, as models are encouraged to keep their natural eyebrow shape – of course, filling them in a little with a brow pencil. Models, such as Cara Delevingne, Brooke Shields, and Audrey Hepburn, all had significant influence on eyebrow culture. All three women are unique, and all entered the limelight, becoming incredibly successful. Since their influence is so strong in pop culture, both in their own times and today, eyebrows have become a beauty symbol.
Not too long ago, an eyebrow pencil was used very sparingly, and only if the person had very thin-to-non-existent eyebrows. Today, eyebrow culture has spread so that all major makeup brands showcase their unique style of eyebrow pencil. But is there a better way to achieve perfect brows without having to pencil in your eyebrows everyday?

How It Works

Microblading is a new technology in which pigment is implemented into the skin. In a way, microblading, or brow feathering, is exactly like a tattoo. The only difference between microblading and a tattoo is the pigment is not permanent. Microblading is primarily used for the eyebrows, as a way to help the eyebrows look thicker and full. Specifically, this form of tattooing is especially advantageous for people who have very thin-to-no-eyebrows.

Why It Saves You Time

Microblading can be a great way to save yourself countless hours over the years. Sketching your eyebrows can be a tedious task, and no matter how hard you work, they will never be created exactly the same. Even worse, sometimes, eyebrows can come out too dark or uneven. When you microblade your eyebrows, you never have to worry about drawing in your eyebrows for one-to-three years.

How Microblading Saves You Money

Microblading your eyebrows, although at first a high cost, is well worth it in the long run. Microblading costs $1000 to $2000 for a treatment. However, the treatment can last one to three years, depending on your lifestyle. Meanwhile, if you don’t get the procedure, you live everyday sketching your eyebrows with a pencil you will have to buy over and over again. Not to mention you’ll probably end up making purchases that you regret, but cannot exchange. For example, say you get the wrong pigment of brow pencil, or the pencil isn’t waterproof; retailers will not let your exchange cosmetics, so you are stuck with what you bought, and then must go out and buy a different pencil. You could have saved yourself money by going with an option that is guaranteed to work and match your exact eyebrow color.

Is it Harmful?

Microblading is not harmful at all! It is extremely safe and will make your eyebrows look extremely gorgeous and luscious. Part of the reason people fear microblading is because they assume that, since it is similar to a tattoo, it will hurt and cause bleeding. This is not true. If you entrust your procedure to a professional, you will realize that the procedure only takes an hour and doesn’t feel like anything more than light scratching on your eyebrows. Besides, a little discomfort is well worth several years of show stopping eyebrows that are full and look natural.


Microblading is typically called “feathering,” because specialists often make the eyebrows look light and natural. Many people hesitate when thinking about microblading their eyebrows because they worry that the eyebrows will look like a tattoo or fake. However, again, if you seek treatment from a professional, they will know the right about of pigment to place into your skin. Professionals, such as the experts at Skin MB, are trained to not only perform hundreds of successful microblading procedures, but accurately calculate the color of pigment and the amount of pigment for each customer.

Microblading is an incredible technology that had defined the benefits of tattooing. Though tattoos and microblading have some differences, they both imbed pigment into the skin. It may sound more gruesome than it actually is, as most brow featherings do not hurt hardly at all. If you are interested in getting perfect eyebrows for years, you will want a consultation with Skin MB. We serve all customers in Nashville, TN who want to save themselves the struggle of penciled-in eyebrows.