At Skin MB in Nashville, we do our best to encompass all areas of wellness, self-care, and beauty. We provide medical spa services that help you build a strong foundation for your beauty routine with a wide variety of skin care products and treatments, anti-aging, hair removal, dermal fillers, and other services. With a good, comprehensive routine you can have younger-looking, glowing skin, perfectly shaped brows, and an even complexion. 

However, we also understand that there are those daily elements of a beauty routine that can become an unnecessary annoyance. Despite your fresh, rejuvenated skin, you may find yourself still applying makeup every day to feel like you look your best. It can also feel like a burden on your time to perform this task every day. Sometimes you just want the end-result without going through the full hassle of makeup application. At Skin MB we have the perfect solution for you: permanent makeup.

1. Ready-To-Go At Any Time

One of the major benefits of permanent makeup is that you can feel like you are ready-to-go at any time of day. Whether you are running errands during the day, heading to work, or going out for the night, you’ll never need to waste time applying or refreshing your makeup. You can confidently walk out the door, without having spent any time or energy on your makeup. If you’ve ever wished you could just sleep in, roll out of bed, and be ready to go with minimal effort, permanent makeup may be the perfect solution.  

2. A Consistent Look

When most people apply makeup they are focusing on several main facial features: eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Luckily, these are the major areas that permanent makeup can be applied to. At Skin MB in particular, we offer permanent makeup applications for eyebrows, eyelashes, and lips. With today’s trend of fuller brows, permanent eyebrow makeup, such as microshading, is very popular. Once the permanent makeup is applied, your eyebrows will also be the same perfect shape and color every day. For lashes and lips, you will always look like you spent time perfectly applying mascara and lipstick. The result is that you will always have a consistent makeup look to rely on that enhances your natural features. 

3. Natural Glamour

With permanent makeup, you will always look naturally glamorous, even if you are just shopping for groceries. Your lashes will be dark, long, and full, eyebrows will be perfectly sculpted, and lips will look full and rosy. While this makeup look won’t be out of place for daily activities, it can easily be taken from day to night with a little extra glamour. You can look polished and professional for work, or elegant for a night on the town. Permanent makeup gives you a great base to start with, and build upon to match any occasion.

4. Little Luxuries

Waking up, rolling out of bed, and already having a perfectly applied face of makeup can make anyone feel a little luxurious. We can provide you with darker, fuller lashes and brows that look luxe and expensive. With all the glamour of expensive makeup but none of the wasted time and energy, you will feel like you’ve added a little bit of luxury to each day.  

5. Youthful Appearance

As we grow older, we begin to lose contrast in the pigmentation of our hair and skin. Our hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes, become lighter and grayer, and our lips become less rosy and vibrant. This is just a natural part of aging but can make you feel like your appearance is less youthful and striking. Permanent makeup can add color back to your eyebrows, lashes, and lips to rejuvenate your appearance. Your eyebrows, eyelashes, and lips will also appear fuller which gives the effect of a more youthful appearance. 

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If you are looking for a way to combat the appearance of aging or just want to add an element of convenience to your daily routine, consider the benefits that permanent makeup could provide you. If you have any remaining questions about this service or the results, our expert staff are happy to help. Call Skin MB and schedule a consultation today