February 14th marks the holiday of Valentine’s Day. Each year, millions of people celebrate the holiday as a specialized day to show affection to the person they love. The holiday’s history is not well documented, however the Catholic Church has claimed that it is a holiday marking the life of one of the saints, St. Valentine. The story surrounding the holiday involves a Catholic priest who illegally performed marriages for Roman soldiers. The emperor at the time, Claudius II, believed single soldiers were better servants for the Empire, so he forbade marriages within his military. St. Valentine was eventually captured and on the eve of his execution, wrote a letter to his one true love. He famously signed the letter, “from your Valentine.”
The story of St. Valentine has lasted throughout centuries and manifested into an international holiday. On this day, couples will gift each other with treats, like flowers and chocolates, as a symbol of their love. Valentine’s Day also is used as a day where single people reflect on past relationships. More importantly, Valentine’s Day is a day where you can freely pamper yourself with no judgment.
At Skin MB, we believe that how you feel directly reflects how you act. For example, if you are unhappy with the way your skin is behaving, your self-esteem might suffer. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself and make self-improvements by focusing on yourself for a day.

Our Medical Spa

Our professionals at Skin MB can provide you with expert services from our Medical Spa. We offer a variety of services from facials to eyebrow feathering. No matter what you think could ‘use a little love’ we can offer you a great, non-invasive procedure that can help! In this blog, we will go over a few of our services and how they could benefit you this Valentine’s Day.


Facials are an amazing treatment for your Valentine’s Day! Not only are facials good for your skin, but they can make you feel fresh and pampered during the holiday. Typically, our facial specialists will assess your skin first and determine what type of treatment you will need. Skin is different for everybody, both in tone, temperament, and overall look. Depending on if you have dryer-looking skin, different treatments will be used to clear your skin of dirt and blemishes. Facials are a great way to revive your skin and give it a perfect glow.

Eyebrow Treatments

The age of the eyebrow is here! Today, the beauty industry has launched new products to help fill and define eyebrows. Typically, thicker, more luscious eyebrows are in high-demand. However, not all are gifted with such full eyebrows, some of us may need a little help and spend countless dollars to achieve this look. That is where Skin MB can help!
With our eyebrow feathering treatment, we can give our customers perfectly sculpted eyebrows that last a lifetime! So, if perhaps you went at your eyebrows too young and mistakenly over-plucked, you can right your wrongs at last!

Eyelash Treatments

Long, thick eyelashes are an instant beauty symbol. Thousands of brands of mascara have made empty promises to create longer lashes for their customers. Skin MB, however, delivers a truly gorgeous set of eyelashes for our customers. Partnered with some of the leading eyelash growth companies in the world, we offer our customers with a unique treatment that has proven to show excellent results.


If perhaps your is skin losing its elasticity, botox injections would be the right option for you. At Skin MB, we staff professionals that can consult with you if you are considering botox injections. This treatment is a great choice if you are looking to tighten your wrinkling skin. Just a few treatments and you will look several years younger! If you are at all worried about looking different after your procedure — don’t! Our professionals only believe in rejuvenating treatments, not total reconstruction. You will look exactly the same as when you came into our offices, only a little more refreshed.

If you believe that you could use a treatment from us this Valentine’s Day, contact Skin MB! We will be able to give you a Valentine’s you won’t forget!