We love what we do and it shows in our touch!


Among our highly trained and experienced staff is a certified medical massage therapist who has taken the time needed to really understand her art, learning about the body, relaxation techniques, and the physiology of massage in order to facilitate real pain relief. Through a comprehensive analysis of your needs and body type, she will develop a personalized mode of care and therapy.

By starting with a complimentary consultation, our therapist can better understand you, your pain, and your lifestyle so that we can target your therapeutic massage to specific areas. This way, we can help your body heal, relieving the pain and allowing you to feel vibrant again. We are happy to explain everything we do, including the science behind massage, and answer all of your questions because we truly believe that the educated client is our best client. In addition, our medical massage therapist can guide you through the necessary steps of pain relief, helping you to relax with one of the many modalities used in medical massage therapy. 

We offer appointment times outside of normal business hours so that you can get a massage that fits with your schedule and your life, so contact us today and schedule your therapeutic massage appointment at Skin MB in Nashville.

Our massage services include:

  • Therapeutic Massage: 60 minute therapeutic full body massage. FREE Heat & Aroma Therapy!
  • Therapeutic Massage: 90 minute therapeutic full body massage. FREE Heat & Aroma Therapy!
  • Targeted Massage: 30 minutes of targeted body area massage. Includes heat therapy. Great for problem areas such as lower back, neck, shoulders, and other regions.