Every woman knows the struggle of hair removal. Shaving takes time, money, and effort. In today’s age, women have a lot on their plates, and attending to pesky leg hair is at the bottom of the priority list. For some women, body hair can be a real issue and cause countless stresses, especially if the hair grows back faster than expected. Shaving is tedious because it rarely can be done perfectly and takes a long time, which costs you more money on your monthly water bill. Though this problem is not of top-priority, it cannot be denied that, if a solution existed, it would be nice to try. Well, in this day and age, there is a solution — laser hair removal!

How it works

At Skin MB, we offer a variety of services at our medical spa, a popular one being our laser hair removal treatments. This procedure is perfectly safe and has no health risks. Technology has come a long way, and now hair removal is better and easier than ever! You may wonder how it works? The process is very easy, in fact, it only takes a few minutes, and the hair is gone! All it takes is a concentrated beam of light on the area where hair is growing. Once the beam is set on the desired extraction location, the light is absorbed by the pigment and damages the follicle. Because the follicle is damaged, this stops hair growth for several months to years.

What You Save

Think about every time you have shaved. It has cost you a lot more than just a few more dollars on your water bill! Shaving your hair is one of the most annoying chores of being a woman, and for good reason! The following is a list of the ways laser hair removal is beneficial to you over of shaving.


Shaving your legs, armpits, or other places on your body takes time. More importantly, it is difficult to stay in the shower as long as it takes to completely take all the hair off. Too often, you might find annoying patches of hair that you continually miss — you know, the ankle pieces that are twice as long as any of your other hairs. Shaving is awful because it takes time, and it is never completed perfectly. You will almost always find small, irksome patches that you always miss or have forgotten.


Razors are expensive! Unfortunately, our society has made it so women feel that they need these tools for their hygiene. Because of this, every year, women spend countless amounts of money paying for razors. In fact, based on a statistic published, an average woman will spend over $10,000 in her lifetime purchasing shaving products. The statistic also states that women will shave over 7,000 times in their lifetimes.


It is claimed that only 11 percent of women shave every day. The majority of women only shave once every other day. The issue with not shaving every day is, depending on their hair’s growth rate, they could grow hair overnight! This can be problematic if they want to be social, but don’t have time to shave. Nerves and unnecessary stress can easily grow if a woman knows that her legs are hairy. This stress is mostly related to the possibility that a man will touch her leg and pull away because it is “prickly” or extremely hairy.


Shaving can also be a chore because it is easier to shave when you have a stool to post your leg up. If you do not have a stool, you often will just have to soap up your leg and get out of the showers water beam. Sometimes, shaving can even be dangerous, because if you slip or make the wrong movements, you could easily cut yourself. Cuts are awful because. instead of showing your beautiful legs, you often sport band-aids instead.

Razor Burn

At the same time as you are shaving your legs, if you do not shave your legs with enough soap and water, you could give yourself razor burn. Not only does razor burn hurt, but it also can leave unattractive, red, and bumpy skin. If you get laser hair removal treatment, you will never have to worry about getting razor burn again!

At Skin MB, we believe that our customers don’t need to struggle to be beautiful. Convenience is as easy as a little beam of light! Though laser hair removal is effective and can give you months or perhaps years of freedom, this treatment is not permanent. Getting this treatment can cost you, which is why it is important to talk to a professional at Skin MB about the extent of your procedure and what result you wish to see from it. If you are interested in laser hair removal and think you could benefit from this type of treatment, contact us today and say goodbye to your razor!