facials Nashville There’s an erroneous thought among young people that only those old enough to be worried about wrinkles need a professional facial. New trends are proving that a  facial, delivered by an experienced, knowledgeable aesthetician is beneficial to even the youngest of teens. Teen skin care procedures are becoming increasingly popular; with young people of both genders experiencing the health and mental benefits of facials for the first time. The top reasons teens are booking their favorite med day spa in Nashville for a skin-rejuvenating facial include:

  • The benefits to skin are proven. By opening and clearing pores and safely removing blackheads and clearing pimples, a teen facial helps hydrate and cleanse skin in a way that won’t damage it, helping teens to avoid nasty breakouts and blemishes.
  • The knowledge and advice is superior than what you’ll get at the department store makeup counter. The girls at the department makeup counter are given incentives for pushing certain skin care products, making their recommendations sketchy at best. An aesthetician who has no bias towards which product you purchase, however, is making recommendations based on your specific skin problems and is more likely to not experiment with products based on her paycheck. 
  • Their experience is golden. Those who specialize in skin know its needs and demands like the back of their hand. Though it can feel like nobody knows what you go through with your skin, trust us – a med spa professional has dealt with just about every skin problem there is and has a specific solution for it.
  • Nothing quite beats a facial for the pampering factor. Beyond the health benefits, facials are a great excuse for you and your friends to get together for a pampering afternoon. Hot towels and massages add to the overall experience as spa representatives concentrate on your stress-reduction and relaxation.