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After so many years as the premier skin care clinic in Nashville, our experts in beauty and skin care have seen more cases of skin issues that could have been avoided. Even with the amount of information available regarding proper skin care, it seems that we are still acting as our own skin’s worst enemy. What we do to our skin on a daily basis, has more detrimental effects than simple aging ever could. After all, we’re all familiar with those people who look fantastic for their age and those that seemed to have aged faster than they should have. Though we strive to help those with a variety of skin troubles, we do believe that prevention is the most effective medicine and wish to share just a few of the most common skin care mistakes and their deleterious effects. Avoid the following and enjoy beautiful, vibrant skin for years to come:

  • Smoking. Tobacco smoke is especially harmful to your delicate facial skin. Not only does it dry and dehydrate, filling it with harmful toxins, the repeated facial motions made to draw in cigarette smoke can also cause wrinkles.
  • Not drinking enough water. Proper hydration is key to supple, moist skin that appears youthful and vibrant. Make sure to take in plenty of water throughout every day.
  • Not getting enough sleep. While we dream, our skin is working overtime to repair itself. If you are trying to function with little sleep your skin doesn’t have the chance to rejuvenate and ages quicker.
  • Sleeping in your makeup. All the sleep in the world won’t help your skin repair if it’s clogged and dirty with the day’s makeup and grime. Make sure to make a nightly cleaning part of your bedtime ritual to protect your skin against acne and enlarged pores.
  • Not using sunscreen. It’s no secret that long term exposure to the sun can age skin prematurely and cause skin ailments, including skin cancers. Protect yourself each and every time you venture outdoors.

Keeping skin healthy and beautiful is our specialty here at Nashville’s Skin MB Med Spa. We understand that we have all, at one time or another, made at least one of these skin care mistakes. Luckily, we’re here to help. Schedule your skin care treatment or facial appointment today at 615-891-2881.