microdermabrasion in Nashville

Many fans of reality TV may remember when Kim Kardashian underwent what was referred to as a “vampire facial” last summer and presented a blood-smeared face to a world of fans and non-fans alike. Her documenting of the procedure created a frenzy around the newest, and perhaps, most controversial cosmetic facial procedure to be initiated as of late. The episode left many asking just what is a vampire facial.

Though there is now some debate as to whether Kardashian actually received a vampire facial (which is the creation of a Dr. Runels) or an actual blood facial which is an entirely different procedure. Its also been stated by various sources and experts that the extreme pain that Kardashian displayed was simply an exaggerated response for dramatic effect in front of the cameras. Both the blood facial and the vampire facial are both virtually pain-free.

The vampire facial procedure consists of taking a patient’s own blood, placing it in a centrifuge, separating the platelet rich plasma (prp) from the red blood cells. It is this pfp that is applied and injected by a special needle-tipped into the facial skin. Proponents say the platelets stimulate cell rejuvenation and encourage growth of collagen and facial tissue. Skeptics say there is simply no basis to the claims. No long-term studies exist that show that PRP with dermal fillers adds no more benefit than dermal fillers alone; yet costs significantly more. Sometimes up to $1500 for each 15 minute procedure.

Until more studies can be shown that support the use of the vampire facial and its efficacy, Skin MB Med Spa and its staff will perform only those cosmetic procedures, like facials and microdermabrasion, that have been proven both safe and effective for our patients.