One of the inevitable facts of life is that we age. As people, we have a self-image that we can picture in our heads. As time goes on, maybe we start to look less like that image, and more like the image of our parents. Drooping, sagging skin. Wrinkles. In fact, one of the main desires our clients have is that they want to look like themselves again.

While that’s understandable, there are right ways and wrong ways to accomplish that goal. We’ve all seen pictures of plastic surgery disasters, photos of celebrities that don’t look like themselves anymore. It’s the look of Miami, Hollywood, and New York, with duck-like lips and massive cheekbones. Nobody wants to look like they’ve had “work” done. Instead we want to look youthful and vital.

So what’s the right way to do that? Simple, it’s skin tightening. At Skin MB, we’ll meet with you and, based on your unique skin history, we’ll present options to handle your particular issue. Whether you want to deal with sagging jowls, tired-looking bags under the eyes, or loose neck skin, we’re confident that you’ll love the end result. So much so that many of our clients have reported feeling rejuvenated and confident. Our state-of-the-art procedures aren’t a magic trick or a glorified makeup application. Instead, along with an intelligent ongoing skin care regime, they will breathe new life into your skin.