skin rejuvenation NashvilleIt’s just one of four seasons that we get to enjoy on this planet but there is just something about summer that leaves us all feeling, and often acting, like kids again. Most of us just want to soak up those rays while frolicking playfully in our favorite watering holes, with a not a care in the world. But this devil-may-car attitude can have us looking less like children and more haggard than expected. Before spending any time out doors, make sure to protect yourself against the weather and heat of summer with these easy skin care tips:

  • Don’t forget to pucker up – All too often many women forego the lip balm when spending time outdoors. Make sure to liberally re-apply your lip balm throughout the day and make sure that it has an SPF of at least 15.
  • Watch your top – Its easy to not think about the top of your head while outdoors; it seems that your hair would do a fairly decent job of warding off rays. However, anyone who has ever gotten a sunburn on their scalp knows how harmful this misconception can be. Wear a hat to both shade your face and protect your scalp.
  • Use sunscreen – This can’t be said enough. Sunscreen should be applied liberally all over your body; including your face. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that one time is enough, or that you’re not needing any as you’ll be out and about only temporarily. It’s much more likely that you’ll get burned without knowing until it’s too late.
  • Take a cold shower – After being in the sun, calm skin by cooling it down, reducing sweat and clearing pores while refreshing the soul.
  • Have a glass of wine – Yes, seriously. Red wine has been shown to reduce redness and inflammation of sunburns and resveratol helps healing through its anti-oxidants.