Offering quick skin rejuvenation without extensive downtime or recovery, chemical peels help remove or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars and sun damage. By stripping away the outer-most layer of skin, chemical peels are a cost-effective way to reveal younger more vibrant skin at almost any age. Though the procedure doesn’t require much preparation on the part of the client, understanding what to avoid will help you get the most out of your chemical peel. The days leading up to your procedure make sure to remember the following:

  • Avoid other skin treatments – Don’t overwork your skin by having too many peels or microdermabrasion services performed too frequently. It is generally recommended that treatments are performed at least two weeks apart. If you have a home microdermabrasion kit, refrain from using it during this time period.
  • Stop tanning – Though we never recommend the use of tanning beds, it is imperative that you stop using them altogether when planning for a chemical peel. You’ll risk extensive skin damage if you should continue. This advice goes for natural sun exposure too. If you need to spend time outdoors in the weeks leading up to your procedure, make sure to protect yourself with a good sunscreen.
  • Give it a rest – Your skin needs time to repair for you to see the glowing results you expect. Don’t over-work your skin and avoid dermal filler injections, waxing,  and other hair removal treatments such as lasers for at least a week before your peel.
  • Prepare your skin – If your aesthetician or dermatologist recommended that you use a prescribed lotion before your procedure, make sure you stick to the regimen as recommended. Stopping the use when advised.

The day of your procedure you should avoid smoking, drink plenty of water, take any recommended antibiotics as prescribed and alert your doctor to any recent medical concerns and allergies. Our approach to skin care, facials, chemical peels and all of our services, is focused on providing real solutions that produce real results for real people. Because of this attitude, we have become one of Nashville’s most recognized medically-based day spas. Schedule your next appointment with us now.