Welcome back! Yesterday, we talked a little about the best ways to keep skin well protected during the winter months. At Skin MB, we’re proud to offer rejuvenation treatments like Restylane Lyft, medical massage, and laser skin treatments. But the long-term skin care comes from you, and by adding a few things to your daily regimen, you can keep your skin healthy and looking great.

Read on for a few more simple tips for protecting skin during the winter.

  • We know it’s important to keep warm when there’s a blizzard raging outside. However, remember that heat from your space heater or central air can dry out your skin. By placing humidifiers around the house, particularly by your bed, you’ll be able to re-moisturize.
  • One of the best and easiest ways to keep your skin protected is incredibly simple. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. When you stay hydrated, your skin stays healthy. If plain water gets a little dull, try some lemon with warm water. Cups of tea are another great way to drink water without getting bored.
  • Make it a point to exfoliate on a regular basis. When you exfoliate and get rid of dead skin, your moisturizers will be able to get absorbed into your skin and keep things looking good.
  • Be sure to keep yourself protected outdoors with hats, scarfs, and gloves. Winter air that’s cold and dry is great at sucking moisture out of your skin. However, try to avoid clothing made from rough materials like wool, since it can irritate your skin.