Now that summer has come to an end, we enter the colder seasons. Everything pumpkin spice, lots of sweaters, and we no longer need to worry about skin care, right? Wrong. At Skin MB, our mission is to help our clients rejuvenate through skin fillers, medical massage, and a host of other methods. Keeping your skin at its best is a year-round job, but there are certain things to keep in mind during winter months.

Keep reading for a few simple tips to keep your skin supple during winter.

  • Sunburn doesn’t just happen during the summer. If you’re skiing, for every 1,000 feet you go up, your UV exposure also goes up by 5%. Take the time to apply sunscreen to your face, ears, neck, and scalp.
  • During warm months, all it takes is a little moisturizer after a shower and you’re good to go. But when the temperature drops, your skin will be stripped of its natural oils. As it dries out, it will start cracking and flake. Take the time to apply extra moisturizing lotion, and your skin will stay supple and smooth.
  • It might sound counterintuitive, but one of the best times to moisturize is right after you shower. Why? When you apply or spray on lotion, it locks in the moisture from the shower and keeps it there longer.
  • Speaking of showers, during winter months, try to avoid taking hot showers since it dries your skin out very quickly. Instead, shower and wash your hands with lukewarm water, which will prevent the natural oils from being stripped off your skin.