At Skin MB, we’re all about your skin. It’s not surprising, considering that we offer skin tightening treatments, laser treatments, and medical massage. But we’re really big fans of facials, and our constant training and research proves it every day. Maybe you’re a fan of facials, too, or maybe you’re looking to get started with them.

Keep reading to learn a few useful tips about facials.

  • Believe it or not, but most people don’t start getting facials early enough in life. Ideally, you should start getting them during puberty. Since hormones are running wild and causing, among other things, acne outbreaks, facials are a great way to keep acne under control.
  • Facials are something to get on a regular basis. If your pores are large or if you’re prone to pimples, getting a facial a month is just about right. Otherwise, every three months is perfect, particularly during summer when heat can dry out your skin.
  • When you make your appointment for a facial, ask if there are any products you should avoid. 48 hours before your facial, don’t use abrasive exfoliating products, since they can boost the sensitivity of your skin.
  • Once in awhile, a facial can cause swelling and redness on your skin because of extractions. This is the only truly effective way to really clean your pores out. As a result, make sure not to have a facial done less than a week before a big event.
  • Remember that facials aren’t exclusively for women. Smoother skin, less acne, and aging that’s slower and more graceful are all attributes that can be enjoyed by men.