One of the most common things said in life is the sentence, “If only I had known.” At Skin MB, we’re all about rejuvenating our Nashville clients, but we think everyone should be well educated before having a treatment done. Restylane treatments are no different, and we believe that when our customers understand some of the specifics, they’ll be more comfortable with the process and happier with the end result.

Keep reading for 5 tips to keep in mind about Restylane filler.

  1. When you’re looking for a doctor, the smart move is to shop around until you find someone you like, right? Whether you’re going to a medical spa, dermatologist, or plastic surgeon, do your homework. Set up a consultation to meet the staff, and take a look at the facility. Be ready to ask lots of questions.
  2. Some people worry that the treatment itself will be painful. For the vast majority of our clients, after numbing cream is applied, they report feeling a slight pinch.
  3. When an injection takes place, there can be bruising. However, it usually fades away after a few days, so no need for concern.
  4. Looking for a fast recovery? Abstain from alcohol for a few days prior to the procedure. Eat dark green vegetables and fruits like pineapples to boost the healing process. While you’ll be able to resume normal activities nearly immediately, the best way to heal is to make sure you’re getting plenty of good sleep.
  5. Remember that the way you look immediately after the procedure is finished may not necessarily be the end result. Your results will be a combination of the filler, along with the possibility of swelling. We recommend giving it a day or two to let everything settle and to allow the swelling to go down.