1. The Skin MB Difference

    There are so many places in Nashville to go for facials, massage, waxing and all things aesthetic, but it is rare to find a Medical Day Spa with a private more intimate setting that caters to each individual, no matter how cosmetic or clinical the need may be. Skin MB is that specialized style Medic…Read More

  2. What Dermaplaning Can Do for You

    Facial scars can do more than just leave us feeling self-conscious and less than confident. They can literally change our lives. Whether from an injury, surgery or skin ailments like acne, scarring can cause those who suffer from it to approach the world in a timid manner and leave them feeling ugly…Read More

  3. The Many Benefits of Massage Therapy

    Now considered a form of alternative or complementary medicine, massage therapy delivers a number of helpful benefits to those who incorporate it into their holistic approach to health. A variety of recent studies have shown to support the idea that massage can be used to treat a wide variety of me…Read More

  4. Best Brazilian in Nashville

    Experience Lori O'Connor's artistic waxing technique in a clean, sanitary and relaxing environment. From brow to Brazilian, she is the choice of Nashville's stars! Lori uses a safe, antimicrobial waxing system. The result is a clean, smooth removal of hair. Services offered both men and women. Here …Read More

  5. Best Teen Skin Care Techniques

    There are few times in any woman’s life that she experiences that drastic and confusing changes in her skin as during her teen years. Remembering those awkward years, there were few times that we were confident in knowing when and where our skin was going to break out or experience oilyness, dryne…Read More

  6. The Ultimate In Stress Relief

    America was founded on work. It’s critically important to have a good work ethic. But the fact is, Americans are working far too hard. According to a study performed by Oxford Economics, American workers lost $52.4 billion in unused vacation days. That’s an average of $504 per worker. Ideally, w…Read More

  7. Hate The Peach Fuzz On Your Face?

    Dermaplaning is the Answer and Here is Why: Not just because it has been endorsed by “The Doctors!”  Click Here to watch video. As women grow older, many begin growing fine, peach-like fuzz on their faces. Learn how Dermaplaning, a treatment that removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells…Read More

  8. Graceful Aging

    One of the inevitable facts of life is that we age. As people, we have a self-image that we can picture in our heads. As time goes on, maybe we start to look less like that image, and more like the image of our parents. Drooping, sagging skin. Wrinkles. In fact, one of the main desires our clients h…Read More

  9. 5 Major Benefits Of Massage

    A massage, a truly good massage, is amazing. We’re big fans, which is why one of our most popular services, along with skin fillers and laser treatments, is medical massage. But aside from feeling really, really good, are there any benefits that you’ll receive from a solid massage? The answer is…Read More

  10. Discover NuFACE at Skin MB MedSpa!

    Under the direction of Nasi Hugh, a Certified Laser Practitioner (CLP), Skin MB MedSpa brings you the ultimate getaway for your body, mind, and spirit.  Treat yourself to a relaxing retreat in the serene space of Skin MB in the heart of Green Hills. Skin MB also offers advanced IPL laser treatments…Read More