1. A woman holds a small white flower next to her clear blue eye. Photo by Angelos Michalopoulos on Unsplash.

    Pros and Cons of Dermaplaning

    Dermaplaning is one of the most innovative and popular hair-removal treatments to grace the beauty world in recent years. The use of a thin, precise scalpel works wonders as a gentle but effective method of exfoliation, prepping the skin for a variety of related treatments and care procedures.  But…Read More

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    Which skin resurfacing treatment is the best?

    Skin resurfacing is one of the most popular and effective skincare treatments in the world of laser-supported beauty. But since everyone has different skincare needs, how can you be sure that a given skin resurfacing technique is the right one for you?  At Skin MB, our medispa tailors each and ever…Read More

  3. Microshading 101

    One of the most noticeable features of the face are the eyebrows. Eyebrows frame and highlight the eyes and can provide structure to your facial features. Modern eyebrow trends focus on the importance of full, structured, and well-shaped eyebrows. However, many of us cannot achieve this ideal eyebro…Read More

  4. 5 Things To Know About Rejuvenating Dermal Fillers

    People visit Skin MB in Nashville for many different reasons. Some clients are seeking relaxation and pampering, some are looking to improve their health, and some clients are hoping to address some aspect of their appearance. Luckily, we can provide all of these outcomes for our clients. For those …Read More

  5. The Skin MB Difference

    There are so many places in Nashville to go for facials, massage, waxing and all things aesthetic, but it is rare to find a Medical Day Spa with a private more intimate setting that caters to each individual, no matter how cosmetic or clinical the need may be. Skin MB is that specialized style Medic…Read More

  6. microdermabrasion in Nashville

    The Myth Behind Vampire Facials

    Many fans of reality TV may remember when Kim Kardashian underwent what was referred to as a “vampire facial” last summer and presented a blood-smeared face to a world of fans and non-fans alike. Her documenting of the procedure created a frenzy around the newest, and perhaps, most controversia…Read More

  7. 4 More Bikini Wax Fears (And Why You Still Shouldn’t Worry)

    Welcome back! Yesterday, we started discussing a somewhat...sensitive topic. We’re talking about bikini waxes and a few of the common concerns that go along with them. At Skin MB, we handle a host of rejuvenation processes, such as skin fillers, medical massage, and waxing. Part of our job is to …Read More

  8. Best Brazilian in Nashville

    Experience Lori O'Connor's artistic waxing technique in a clean, sanitary and relaxing environment. From brow to Brazilian, she is the choice of Nashville's stars! Lori uses a safe, antimicrobial waxing system. The result is a clean, smooth removal of hair. Services offered both men and women. Here …Read More

  9. FAQs about Microdermabrasion

    As Nashville's premier source for medical microdermabrasion, we often hear a variety of questions regarding the safety and expected results of the procedure. Though relatively accepted as an effective skin and facial treatment, what microdermabrasion actually is and what it does remains somewhat of …Read More

  10. Hate The Peach Fuzz On Your Face?

    Dermaplaning is the Answer and Here is Why: Not just because it has been endorsed by “The Doctors!”  Click Here to watch video. As women grow older, many begin growing fine, peach-like fuzz on their faces. Learn how Dermaplaning, a treatment that removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells…Read More