Relax and unwind from the stresses of daily life through our massage therapy services at our spa in Nashville. Our certified massage therapist is versed in the techniques that will get rid of tension and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. At Skin MB in Nashville, our therapeutic massage includes free heat and aroma therapy, and you can choose from an hour-long or hour-and-a-half full-body massage. We also offer targeted massage to address areas that are particularly tense. These half-hour sessions include heat therapy and are ideal for relieving stress from any problem areas, including the lower back, neck, shoulders, and other regions of your body. Schedule your massage therapy session with Skin MB today!

  1. Advantages of Medical Massage

    There are no shortage of specialties when it comes to the world of massage therapy, but if you have a specific condition or issue that needs to be resolved, your best bet is to work with a medical massage therapist. At Skin MB in Nashville, we specialize in a variety of medical massage techniques, a…Read More

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    How to Get More Out of Your Massage

    Go ahead, you can admit it. There are few things more pleasurable than a good, deep massage. Having someone knead and manipulate your tired and overworked muscles is a treat that most of us look forward to. But did you know that you can actually get more out of your regular massage than just a healt…Read More

  3. The Many Benefits of Massage Therapy

    Now considered a form of alternative or complementary medicine, massage therapy delivers a number of helpful benefits to those who incorporate it into their holistic approach to health. A variety of recent studies have shown to support the idea that massage can be used to treat a wide variety of me…Read More

  4. The Ultimate In Stress Relief

    America was founded on work. It’s critically important to have a good work ethic. But the fact is, Americans are working far too hard. According to a study performed by Oxford Economics, American workers lost $52.4 billion in unused vacation days. That’s an average of $504 per worker. Ideally, w…Read More

  5. 5 Major Benefits Of Massage

    A massage, a truly good massage, is amazing. We’re big fans, which is why one of our most popular services, along with skin fillers and laser treatments, is medical massage. But aside from feeling really, really good, are there any benefits that you’ll receive from a solid massage? The answer is…Read More

  6. Tips To Make a Good Massage Great

    For thousands of years, from China to Nashville, massage has been a healthy and effective way to relax, reduce stress, and reap its many healthy benefits. It’s no wonder that it’s still around, and our medical massage services continues to be one of our most popular offerings. But there’s alwa…Read More

  7. What is a Certified Medical Massage Therapist?

    Choosing a certified medical massage therapist is an important step to improving your overall health. If you’ve experienced an injury, have chronic pain, or are recovering from an illness for which your doctor prescribes massage therapy, don’t just go to any run-of-the-mill spa or massage therap…Read More