If you want bright, shining eyes that get noticed, consider lash lift and tint services. Your lashes frame your eyes, and longer, fuller eyelashes draw attention to them. People choose lash lift and tint services for a range of reasons, including presenting more striking eyes to the world, creating gorgeous contrast with one’s skin tone, achieving a glamorous celebrity look, and enjoying great-looking, full eyelashes even with no mascara! Whatever your reason for opting for lash lift and tint services, you can get the results you want at our day spa in Nashville. Reach out to Skin MB and make your appointment today!

  1. 3 Reasons You Should Consider Fake Eyelashes for Your Wedding Day

    You have a lot on your mind when it comes to getting ready for your wedding day, not least of which is deciding on your makeup. One of the things many things you'll need to consider for your final look is whether or not you want to use fake eyelashes. We've helped many brides and their wedding parti…Read More

  2. The Not-so-New Desire for Longer Lashes

    Though it seems like a modern beauty fad that has taken on a life of its own, the fact is, that the desire for long, dark, lush lashes has been the wish of many women for centuries. Even ancient Greeks and Romans enhanced their eyes, by trying to elongate and plump the look of their eyelashes. False…Read More