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    The Top Skin Care Mistakes that We All Make

    After so many years as the premier skin care clinic in Nashville, our experts in beauty and skin care have seen more cases of skin issues that could have been avoided. Even with the amount of information available regarding proper skin care, it seems that we are still acting as our own skin’s wor…Read More

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    The Myth Behind Vampire Facials

    Many fans of reality TV may remember when Kim Kardashian underwent what was referred to as a “vampire facial” last summer and presented a blood-smeared face to a world of fans and non-fans alike. Her documenting of the procedure created a frenzy around the newest, and perhaps, most controversia…Read More

  3. FAQs about Microdermabrasion

    As Nashville's premier source for medical microdermabrasion, we often hear a variety of questions regarding the safety and expected results of the procedure. Though relatively accepted as an effective skin and facial treatment, what microdermabrasion actually is and what it does remains somewhat of …Read More

  4. What Dermaplaning Can Do for You

    Facial scars can do more than just leave us feeling self-conscious and less than confident. They can literally change our lives. Whether from an injury, surgery or skin ailments like acne, scarring can cause those who suffer from it to approach the world in a timid manner and leave them feeling ugly…Read More

  5. Best Teen Skin Care Techniques

    There are few times in any woman’s life that she experiences that drastic and confusing changes in her skin as during her teen years. Remembering those awkward years, there were few times that we were confident in knowing when and where our skin was going to break out or experience oilyness, dryne…Read More

  6. Graceful Aging

    One of the inevitable facts of life is that we age. As people, we have a self-image that we can picture in our heads. As time goes on, maybe we start to look less like that image, and more like the image of our parents. Drooping, sagging skin. Wrinkles. In fact, one of the main desires our clients h…Read More

  7. Why Every Teen Deserves a Trip to the Med Spa

    There’s an erroneous thought among young people that only those old enough to be worried about wrinkles need a professional facial. New trends are proving that a  facial, delivered by an experienced, knowledgeable aesthetician is beneficial to even the youngest of teens. Teen skin care procedu…Read More

  8. Alternatives to Petroleum Jelly

    If you were anything like us, your generation was subjected to the lathering of petroleum jelly for all skin-related issues. From wound care to chapped skin and lips, the goopy gel was slathered on without a single thought given to safety or health. But was it either safe or healthy? Recently, the i…Read More

  9. Treat Your Skin Right This Winter! Part 1

    Winter starts in December, and cold weather is no joke. The months of January through about March can be very difficult for your skin. The good news is, there are things you can do to ensure that while everyone else's skin is drying out and suffering in the cold, yours is having the best season eve…Read More

  10. FAQ About Dermaplaning

    Our Nashville medical spa offers a number of facial rejuvenation techniques, including resurfacing facial peels, microdermabrasion, skin extractions, collagen masks and more. Dermaplaning is one of the many popular facial rejuvenation techniques used in our Nashville medical spa. This effective trea…Read More